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Fall 2008: The Magic Number of Three

At long last, I have the opportunity to take a breather from a very busy end of school year (2007-08) and summer. I have been truly blessed to have provided 14 storytelling workshops in May (Got an Hour, Learn a Story), and a number of performances and new showcases at the end of the school year, a launch of the Ventura County Library System Summer Reading Program (14 shows) and additional library shows in San Luis Obispo County. I was also very pleased to spend the summer preparing for my nominated performance at the National Storytelling Conference, as well as a Fringe performance for the same. Adding to that was intense training with my husband on our tandem bicycle so that we are ready for a self-directed bike tour of Italy this Fall.

As we enter the 2008-09 school year, I leave you with this reflection. In most fairytales, the magic number is three, whether it be three stepsisters, three sons, three little pigs or three wishes. In keeping with the “magic”, I have three wishes that I hope to see transpire over the next school year.

1) A wish for all educators, parent and students (again there are three that make this magic formula) to share the value of storytelling in the curriculum, i.e., the data that supports not only literacy, but also the learning of content through story and its effect on building personal presentation skills and esteem.

2) To create a storytelling guild in my own backyard, Ventura County, California, filling a void between Los Angeles and the Central Coast.

3) My third wish is more personal. I would like to learn how I can add more value to schools and the community with my own storytelling programming.

And on that note, I turn the table back to you…

Wishing you a productive and happy school year.

Elaine Muray