Spring, 2009

Moving Forward
I began writing this newsletter from Washington, DC when a surprise snowstorm, at the beginning of March, cancelled a school performance. Although I was happy to be provided the opportunity to catch up on some administrative obligations, I was disappointed that I would not be able to perform one of several shows for which I had been booked. But more about that later*.

One of Three Wishes Fulfilled
Some of you received my newsletter at the beginning of the year in which I mentioned three 09 goals. I am happy to announce accordingly that I have fulfilled one of my New Year’s commitments (and only a quarter of the way into the year). The Ventura County Storytelling Guild is now in full swing and growing. Bell Arts Factory, located at 432 N. Ventura Avenue in Ventura has graciously offered its space for our monthly meetings held the last Sunday of the month from 3-5 p.m. For ages 18 and up, our goal is to provide a safe space in which we can present and hear new stories from professional as well as aspiring storytellers. Please come join us! Contact me at 805-407-2538 or elaine@embodiedvoicestoryarts.com if you have any questions.
As we grow we hope to be involved in Ventura County events including the annual Tellabration in November (a worldwide event occurring locally). Stay tuned for more information on this great opportunity to expose students to a plethora of local storytellers!

ARTSPARK: Stories to Ignite the Imagination
I am working on an exciting new program this year that I hope to bring to the schools in the Fall. Entitled “ARTSPARK: Stories to Ignite the Imagination,” students will learn, through story, the different influences that the visual and performing arts have had on each other, e.g., what did an African mask have to do with Picasso, or the ballet with Degas or a Yiddish folktale with Chagall and a lonely violin? Post -performance activities can include art projects that will introduce students to similar sources of inspiration for the creation of their own works. Please stay tuned to my website for updated information at www.embodiedvoicestoryarts.com.

Ventura Vaudeville comes to town (for adults only)
Over the years, my husband and I have been privy to some fabulous performers who truly know how to think out of the box. Now we want to bring them to Ventura. We currently have a call out to all performing artists with stage experience and an unusual repertoire for a show scheduled for Friday, April 24th at the Elks Lodge, 11 S. Ash Street. There will be a nominal fee for the show and it is for adults, so leave the kids at home for this one. Also, spread the word, if you know anybody who might qualify for this. A 10-minute tape needs to be sent by April 1st to Elaine and Mauny Muray, 3700 Dean Drive, #1708, Ventura, CA 93003.

Upcoming Public Performance Schedule
April 15th, Fillmore Library, 3:30 p.m., Stories from the Family of Animalia
April 18th, Camarillo Library, 10 a.m., “A Trip on the 4 Winds”
July 14th, Oak Park Library, 2 p.m., “ARTSPARK: Stories to Ignite the Imagination”
July 29th, Simi Valley Library, 11 a.m. performance and 1p.m. workshop, “ARTSPARK: Stories to Ignite the Imagination”

*I was well rewarded for my trip East the next day when an Assistant Principal told me that it was the best performance they had ever had at their school Wow! Talk about making my day!

Elaine Muray

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