“Thanks so much for providing an informative, interesting, and enjoyable learning opportunity to the VCOE Leadership Team. I really enjoyed working with you on this session and found you to be extremely professional and personable. I appreciated the high degree of care and thought that you put into developing the content and the process of the workshop. “
--Phil Gore, Leadership Support Services, Ventura County Office of Education

"San Antonio school loved your performace. Students are still mimicing (or trying to anyway) your moves. They rave about the animals in your stories and how free and real you make them during the performance. The stories were age-appropiate and engaging to the audience. Teachers appreciated the interactive aspect of the performance where students were drawn in and allowed to become the characters. (We) look forward to enjoying more shows in the future."
-- Nan Davis, San Antonio School, Ojai, CA

"Children and adults were mesmerized by Elaine Muray's performance!... the movements and sounds really make you believe there is a monkey in the room."
-- Cindi Bouvier, Youth Specialist Librarian, Simi Valley Library, Simi Valley, CA

"Elaine's active storytelling has listeners and watchers spell-bound. Terrific stories, wonderfully told as a one person play!"
-- Susan Denniston, Director of Public Services, Sunnyvale Library, CA

"...by engaging students to think and physically express character as well as story sequencing. I found the four-day residency with Elaine Muray to be exciting, insightful, creative and productive."
-- Renee Seay, Claremont Immersion, Elementary, Arlington, VA

"My students were completely mesmerized by the performance. They had never seen anything like it."
--Christina Johnson, Teacher, Madera Elementary School, Simi Valley, CA

“We all agreed it was riveting!"
--Kathleen McHugh, Teacher, Pacheco Elementary School, San Luis Obispo, CA

"Elaine Muray's stories are fit for the eye as well as the ear. Her audio-kinetic tapestries weave energetic mime and movement with lively speech, holding the children's attention through sight as well as hearing."
-- Donn Murphy, National Theatre, Washington DC

"...she has captivated young and old and has helped make our park's programming a success."
-- Martin Ogle, Chief Naturalist, Potomac Overlook Regional Park, Arlington, VA