primary & middle school programs


Animal Stories: A to Zoo
For the young at heart, watch and listen to animal characters brought to life in tales with meaningful morals.

ARTSpark: Stories to Ignite the Imagination
Have you ever wondered where great artists get their ideas? What did an African mask have to do with Picasso, a Yiddish folktale with Chagall, or the ballet with Degas? Through story and selected artwork, Elaine demonstrates how the different art forms influence each other. Optional art project follows performance.

Mandarins, Maoris, Moons and Monkeys
A collection of stories from Asia and the Pacific Rim.

A Trip on the 4 Winds
An ever-growing body of work that provides a view into the richness of stories from cultures around the world.


A Light in the Dark: Stories on Keeping Safe
A performance and post-performance exploration of stories that teach children how to identify unsafe environments and situations and provide them with tools and skills to keep them out of harm's way.

E-Bully! ME Bully: Stories to Help, Nurture and Heal
Because storytelling engages our minds, hearts, and imaginations, it has endured through the years as the oldest of educational and therapeutic tools. Folktales, microcosms of real life, permit us to view bullying from a variety of perspectives, from a safe distance, but within community, without head-on confrontation or embarrassment. This performance workshop presents bullying with its cast of characters, such as the taunted victim and the silent onlookers; through its plots and storylines, e.g., online bullying, and with solutions for a happy ending. Stories address such issues as courage and encouragement, diversity, empathy, respect and self-control.

Stories in Stone, Bone and Soil
A collection of stories that have been found or referenced in findings from archeological digs and other unearthings. A great launching point for history and science lessons.

Ugh! Bugs!
The children won’t be screaming; they’ll be beaming, as they learn, through story, the very special attributes of the insect world. Great addition for science classes!